Caregiving Courses to Become a Competent Caregiver for Professionals (Licensee and Prescriber)

Common geriatric topics that caregivers face from day to day.

Caregiving Courses to Become a Competent Caregiver for Professionals

Common geriatric topics that caregivers face from day to day.

Successfully navigating caregiving requires:

  • Understanding the intersection of family dynamics, personal and professional caregiving, expectations of the loved one involved
  • Navigating the landscape of ways in which various disease states can impact these variables

Both of which are vital to understanding and overall effectiveness of the caregivers’ success and positive outcome.

Who is it For?

Perhaps at some point during your Clinician caregiver journey you've felt..

  • Overwhelmed with the care of the older adult patient
  • Hesitant to have a difficult but necessary conversation with your patient and their family of caregivers
  • Limited in your medical knowledge to know how best to execute effective decision making for the older adult person
  • Sandwiched between the need of caring for your own family while trying to manage the needs of your professional caregiver life
  • Unable to establish your leadership style to effectively manage the care of older adult patients in your community
  • Yearning for solution based strategies to create patient based outcomes
Elderly woman with a caregiver
Elderly woman with a caregiver

So imagine if you..

  • Had a customized advanced care plan in place
  • Felt at ease having a difficult conversation with patients and their families
  • Felt confident in your decision making
  • Developed communication strategies and had solutions in place to deal with common geriatric challenges
  • Understood medical terminology to be able to effectively delegate care and prioritize decisions
  • Effectively empower patients and their families to define caregiver roles


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Suitable for:

  • Professional (Licensee and Prescriber)

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If you are a Informed Professional (Licensee) or Family caregiver, please visit our Informed Professional Caregiver Course page for specialized training tailored to your expertise.

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Accredited Clinician:

ACCME accredited provider, completion of our courses qualifies healthcare professionals for valuable Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

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Everything you will learn inside the course:


Geriatric Pharmacology Review and Update: Dissecting Beers Criteria

In this module we examine Beers Criteria. We identify key pharmacologic classes and drug to drug interactions that raise red flags when treating Geriatric patients.


Geriatric Giants: Differentiating Dementias

It is important to identify acute on chronic as well as reversible causes of delirium versus dementia. In this module we highlight the objective and physiologic changes that we witness amongst this varied landscape. We review the different types of dementia and compare each disease state and subsequent effects on the patient has a whole.


Geriatric Giants: Managing Challenging Behaviors

The emphasis in this module is that the patient’s disease state is separate and apart from who they once were. We discover ways to manage challenging behaviors and specifically how certain medications can exacerbate negative behavior in patients who had dementia as their baseline.


Clinical Approach to Arthritides: Understanding Arthropathy

Our aging patients often suffer from the clinical pain of localized and widespread joint pain that leads to longstanding chronic pain syndromes. We explore common arthritides and how joint diseases manifest in the aging client.


Clinical Approach to Arthritides Clinical Pain Syndromes

“Sometimes the pain becomes the diagnosis.” In this module we define pain syndrome and explore a stepwise approach to the geriatric patient who is dealing with chronic pain.


Geriatric Emergencies

Geriatric Emergencies most commonly occur during times of transition of care. In the older client, common symptoms and signs present atypically. In this module we identify key geriatric emergencies by organ system and how to recognize signs and symptoms that our patient is in crisis. We emphasize the importance of providing an adequate narrative in the transfer of our client from outpatient to inpatient, home to Emergency Department and various setting in between.


Ethics in Our Current Climate

This is a bedside Ethical review and self-check as we examine policy, patient rights and bedside clinical decision making. We discuss common themes that arise in patient care and further define the role of the patient in managing their own morbidity and mortality.



Cultural Implications for the Interdisciplinary Team

This is not a module on diversity. This is a module on how the intersection of the clinical, personal, and professional culture imposes itself on patient care. We explore the culture of the patient and their family and how best to identify key personal, professional, and familial behavioral patterns that can affect the outcome and clinical course of care for the aging client.

After completing the course content you'll be given a test on the course material. Once the test is passed, you will be able to complete the course to get the certificate required to obtain ACCME Accreditation or Evergreen Certifications.

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If you are a Informed Professional (Licensee) or Family caregiver, please visit our Informed Professional Caregiver Course page for specialized training tailored to your expertise.

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Meet Your Course Instructor Dr. Kiplee Bell

I am excited to share this platform with you! Offering  decades of experience in the medical space, I have served across multiple specialties and settings from the assisted living environment to the nursing home, the outpatient setting to the emergency department, and the emergency department to the hospital unit.  My career is most  humbly rooted in bedside patient care which has allowed for the best teachable moments on the professional lecture circuit.  

There is, indeed an intersection between the family caregiver an the professional at bedside. I propose that the personal and professional caregiver are often one and the same. 

I have a Bachelors in Science in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master’s degree in Gerontology, Board certification as a Physician Assistant, and  a Doctorate in Medicine.

What holds the most meaning for me is that I can connect with you directly and speak to your situation as a caregiver myself. I respect the space between a patient and clinician; it is the most sacred and vulnerable interaction for which trust cannot be taken for granted. I look forward to interacting with you on this platform and look forward to more empowered, confident and Impactful Caregiving®!

I have spent dedicated time and attention to the course instruction and detail. The continuing education you will find on this platform is incomparable.

Course anecdotes and teaching points are evidence based and correlate with real time patient interaction and lessons learned along my professional and personal caregiver journey.