Caregiving Courses to Become a Competent Caregiver for Informed Professional (Licensee)

Common geriatric topics that caregivers face from day to day.

If you are not a licensed clinician but want to be a better informed caregiver we invite you to take this informed course. 

Caregiving Courses to Become a Competent Caregiver for the Informed Professional and Layman Caregiver

Common geriatric topics that caregivers face from day to day.

Successfully navigating caregiving requires:

  • Understanding the intersection of family dynamics, personal and professional caregiving, expectations of the loved one involved
  • Navigating the landscape of ways in which various disease states can impact these variables

Both of which are vital to understanding and overall effectiveness of the caregivers’ success and positive outcome.

Who is it For?

Perhaps at some point during your Clinician caregiver journey you've felt..

  • Overwhelmed with the care of the older adult patient
  • Hesitant to have a difficult but necessary conversation with your patient and their family of caregivers
  • Limited in your medical knowledge to know how best to execute effective decision making for the older adult person
  • Sandwiched between the need of caring for your own family while trying to manage the needs of your professional caregiver life
  • Unable to establish your leadership style to effectively manage the care of older adult patients in your community
  • Yearning for solution based strategies to create patient based outcomes
Elderly woman with a caregiver
Elderly woman with a caregiver

So imagine if you..

  • Had a customized advanced care plan in place
  • Felt at ease having a difficult conversation with patients and their families
  • Felt confident in your decision making
  • Developed communication strategies and had solutions in place to deal with common geriatric challenges
  • Understood medical terminology to be able to effectively delegate care and prioritize decisions
  • Effectively empower patients and their families to define caregiver roles


Introducing the Impactful Caregiving® Course


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  • All 10 learning modules included
  • Allows you to tackle multiple issues in tandem as you develop your advanced care plan
  • Utilize for staff development and in house training
  • Certificate of Completion - Impactful Caregiving® Certificate on completion of the course
  • Geriatric Care Professional -certification - After completing all the course modules, you will be automatically e-mailed your completion certificate and easy instructions for how to apply for your certification with Evergreen Certifications.
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Each module is currently available in English, but it is in our future plan to translate the modules also into Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin. When you purchase the course, you’ll automatically get access to all language versions available with subtitles.

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Suitable for:

  • Informed Professional  (Licensee)
  • If you are not a licensed clinician but want to be a better informed caregiver we invite you to take this informed course.

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If you are Professional (Licensee and Prescriber), please visit our Professional Caregiver Course page for specialized training tailored to your expertise.

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Accredited Clinican:

ACCME accredited provider, completion of our courses qualifies healthcare professionals for valuable Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Certification through Evergreen Certifications, a trusted provider of professional certifications since 2009, committed to certifying behavioral health, healthcare, allied health and education professionals.

Everything you will learn inside the course:



Over the Counter Conundrums

This module discusses the importance of educating you, the caregiver, and your loved one about the medications both over the counter and prescribed that a loved one is taking. In our current climate of direct to consumer marketing this is the most common conundrum for laymen and healthcare professionals alike.



How to Geri-Proof Your Home

It is important to safeguard our loved ones' environments to decrease the risk of harm, injury and worst case emergency. Learn tips and tools to best protect your loved one in "no place like home".



What's 'Artha' Got to Do with It?

Musculoskeletal complaints lead to chronic pain syndromes in our elderly. Understanding the nature of and origin of arthritic injury and ways to support loved ones dealing with chronic pain can aid in being a more effective caregiver.



Geriatric Giants

This module describes the most common geriatric ailments explained; Geriatric Giants of frequent falling, polypharmacy, dementia, etc. and how best to navigate these issues with a loved one that is suffering. We explore geriatric pharmacology and disease intervention and how best to position you as the caregiver to advocate on your loved one's behalf.



Geriatric Gadgets and Gizmos

Explore user-friendly suggestions to ease the caregiver burden and create a more confident loved one. Items discussed in this module are also available in our Impactful Caregiving® store.



Cultural Implications for the Caregiver to Consider

We explore culture as a deeper meaning beyond the concept of race as it pertains to our own familial, caregiver, and loved one's culture. This module explores the systematic approach and how the intersection of these dynamics can affect the outcome of your loved one's care.



Tough Conversations: Preparing for a New Chapter

Sometimes it's difficult to broach sensitive conversations with those we most care about. This module equips you with the information and tools needed as well as the reasons behind important healthcare decision making. Tough questions are important questions you should ask of your loved one ahead of time. This will best help prepare you to develop an advanced caregiver strategy.



Self-Care for the Caregiver

If you're no good for yourself you can't be good for anyone else. This module explores self care tips to ease the caregiver burden.



Ethics That Guide Healthcare Decisions

First, do no harm. In this module we explore the importance of an advanced care plan and how the ethics of medical decision making can oftentimes be opposed to your loved one's and family's wishes. Sometimes the wishes of your loved one opposes that of their own family. We explore the sensitive issues and encourage you to be proactive in determining the desires of your loved one's future caregiving to avoid long-term conflict.


MODULE 10 — PART 1 & 2

Differentiating Dementias

We explore the differences between delirium and dementia and clarify reversible and irreversible causes of acute delirium. We then explore in part two various types of dementia and resources, pearls and pitfalls to support the caregiver and loved one suffering from this disease state.

After completing the course content you'll be given a test on the course material. Once the test is passed, you will be able to complete the course to get the certificate required to obtain Evergreen Certifications.

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Meet Your Course Instructor Dr. Kiplee Bel


I am excited to share this platform with you! Offering  decades of experience in the medical space, I have served across multiple specialties and settings from the assisted living environment to the nursing home, the outpatient setting to the emergency department, and the emergency department to the hospital unit.  My career is most  humbly rooted in bedside patient care which has allowed for the best teachable moments on the professional lecture circuit.  

There is, indeed an intersection between the family caregiver an the professional at bedside. I propose that the personal and professional caregiver are often one and the same. 

I have a Bachelors in Science in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master’s degree in Gerontology, Board certification as a Physician Assistant, and  a Doctorate in Medicine.

 What holds the most meaning for me is that I can connect with you directly and speak to your situation as a caregiver myself. I respect the space between a patient and clinician; it is the most sacred and vulnerable interaction for which trust cannot be taken for granted. I look forward to interacting with you on this platform and look forward to more empowered, confident and Impactful Caregiving®!

I have spent dedicated time and attention to the course instruction and detail. The continuing education you will find on this platform is incomparable.

Course anecdotes and teaching points are evidence based and correlate with real time patient interaction and lessons learned along my professional and personal caregiver journey.