Are you caring for a family member or loved one and want to empower yourself?

Then you are in the right place.

Are you caring for a family member or loved one and want to empower yourself?

Then you are in the right place.

We believe a knowledgeable caregiver is one that can best advocate for the need of those they serve.

Support when you need it

We are here for you whether you want to learn how to be an effective and Impactful Professional Caregiver at your own pace, book a consultation to discuss one on one caregiver strategy, or find helpful products and resources to provide better care for your aging loved one.

Caregiver Resources

Caring for a loved one or family member? Access free tools to support your journey.

If you are not a licensed clinician but want to be a better informed caregiver we invite you to take the informed course . You will receive an impactful caregiving certificate of completion.

Explore our Caregiver Resources
Caregiver Consultations

Caregiver Consultations

Some caregiver items need extra attention; an objective party to help navigate, prioritize and guide your healthcare decision making. Book a consultation today! Are your needs surrounding group education? Connect to discuss a lecture or speaking opportunity.

Consultation Services
Caregiver to do list

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Dr. Kiplee Bell

Speaker. Thought Leader 

What is most important to me is that I partner with you to empower you with the tools that you need to be an effective caregiver. To remind you of ways to strategize and communicate your needs effectively as well as to be an advocate for your loved one. To have difficult yet meaningful conversations now so that you can create new and lasting memories later.

My personal and professional life has been shaped around the experience of caregiving and I learn from the stories and resilience of those that I have the privilege to serve. 

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The perfect stationery to help you keep your thoughts and caregiver tasks organized

caregiver notebook

Caregiver Notebook

A 100-page notebook for you the caregiver to jot your thoughts, create a to-follow list, journal or simply to write important caregiving notes to remember along the way.

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caregiver notebook

Caregiver Organizer

Stay on top of your caregiver game as you keep everything in one place. Caregive like a boss and document important items and reference important documents right when you need them.

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Listen to the CarePOD

The CarePOD is a place where we will continue the dialogue and important conversation between thought leaders and bedside caregivers.  Listen in as we discuss important topics from Geriatric Caregiving to Self Care. We will learn caregiver strategy from top experts in the field and speak candidly about the day to day life of real caregivers.

 Download the CarePOD for real conversations and meaningful exchange.

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Caregiver Pod on phone screen

Need acute care?

Visit our telehealth site Impactful Care .

Our clinicians are trained to serve the unique needs of the older adult person and their caregiver. Our HIPAA compliant platform allows for the patient, caregiver and their family to be involved in the ongoing care needs of the patient.

Serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Notary Service

Our notary service provides essential support for family caregivers seeking to legalize important documents , ensuring peace of mind and legal clarity.