Examining Caregiver Self-Neglect

Previously a Ballroom dance instructor, Real Estate agent for Keller Williams, Graduate of Rider University, and later the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) becoming a pastry chef in New York City. Currently a Senior Leader for Tony Robbins, Founder and CEO of the Morning Care Club, and host of the morning care show. Fred Patak is on a mission to alleviate the silent suffering endured by those who dedicate themselves to caring for others at the expense of their own well-being. His unwavering commitment to the transformative power of lifestyle changes forms the bedrock of his philosophy, guiding individuals to nurture themselves to better care for others. Fred's journey from burned-out caregiver to certified nutrition and lifestyle medicine coach underscores his profound understanding of the challenges faced by those who prioritize the needs of others above their own health. His own experience of overcoming weight struggles and regaining vitality after a hospitalization propelled him to advocate for the often-overlooked issue of caregiver self-neglect. Balancing his life between New Jersey and New York, Fred is deeply rooted in his responsibilities as a devoted grandson and lifelong caregiver to his grandmother, serving as her dedicated medical advocate for the last 15 years. His unique perspective and dedication illuminate a path toward holistic well-being for caregivers, nurses, aides, therapists, and parents alike.