Vital at any Age!

Listen in as I chat with Ossie Jackson, who at 69 is raising her grandchild and still thriving in her own unique endeavors. Ossie is a people-oriented individual credited with results-driven leadership, motivation, customer service and developmental skills. She is committed to drawing upon extensive expertise in order to proactively solve complex management problems, improve the flow of operations, and realize process improvements. Ossie is dedicated to developing and implementing policies and procedures that effectively and efficiently advance the cause of Christ! Ossie Jackson is originally from Albany. Ga. She relocated to Philadelphia, Pa where she received a BA in 1981 and later pursued and receive an MBA from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science . Her professional position as a Loan Processing Manger afforded her to relocate to Jacksonville, Fl where she received a Master of Science in Leadership from Belhaven University in 2014. She currently serves as the eKIDS Coordinator at EXCEL Church in Jacksonville, Fl. She has previously taught every grade level including the College level. She is a deaconess, minister, and counselor at her church. She possesses a strong advocacy for Senior Women as she seeks to encourage them to never stop pursuing opportunities to be impactful in the lives of others. Her hobbies include reading, intriguing conversation with like minded adults, supporting others, dancing, and movies.