The Gift of Grief

Paula Hollis is a Transformational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Grief, Relationship and Personal Development Coach who partners with clients on mindset paradigms to discover, embrace, activate, and release their authentic presence to the world. Paula has worked with numerous individuals to raise awareness of their resonating energy levels, find clarity, and breakthrough to achieve their goals. She teaches practical leadership strategies to intentionally build and maintain healthy and authentic relationships with yourself first then others. Paula is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Core Well-being Specialist, Trauma Specialist, and a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainee. She holds a MBA/MS from Temple University and BA in Social Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University. Paula’s books are personally empowering. Her first solo book, Intentional Intimacy: Lessons of life, love and relationships, is a memoir of her 30 year marriage to her husband before he passed away suddenly in November 2021. The book is a practical guide to developing and maintaining all healthy relationships. Her sophomore book, The Journey from Grief to Growth, provides a framework to intertwine growth and healing for those navigating grief, loss and disappointment. Paula’s most recent book, Vision of Transformation - Annual Growth, Purpose and Success Journal, can be considered her most impactful book yet as it creates an annual blueprint to transform your life in five key pillars - spiritual, health and wellness, community, education and fun. Through the Hollis Mastermind Group and the pH Academy, Coach Paula uses her grief and life recovery stories as the foundation of her coaching and online teaching programs which are designed to uplift, energize, and propel others to transform their lives. Subscribe to her VIP Inner Circle Mailing List using this link -