And what if you Live!

Ray Janeen is a breast cancer survivor, certified life coach, motivational speaker,author and founder of “And What If You Live?” She is a graduate of Eastern University with a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and has worked in leadership as a Development Director for various nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. Her purpose is to support and inspire those experiencing a cancer diagnosis, life obstacles, and in caregiving roles to live with a greater self-awareness, new perspective and self-empowerment through life coaching. In 2022, And What If You Live was established as a (501) C 3 nonprofit organization as a way to give back to cancer survivors and her community. It is the mission of “And What If You Live” to assist those seeking to move forward from a diagnosis and life change to discover new direction, create new purpose, and live more aligned with their values. Ray Janeen recently authored a book, "And What If You Live? A Journey From Surviving to Thriving: Divine Appointments, Volume 1." Her book provides enlightenment, support, encouragement and resources to those who are and have experienced a cancer diagnosis. She is a proud mother to one daughter in her heart, Jameka; gigi Ray to Malia; godmom to Nayomi and auntie to a host of nieces and nephews.