Confronting The Green Monster

Chanel McCord is a Licensed Professional Counselor in NJ, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is currently in pursuit of a doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision and holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Seton Hall University. As part of her clinical work, Chanel specializes in working with black and brown individuals who are experiencing unfulfillment in their lives and having lost their voice due to unprocessed trauma. Chanel utilizes the power of strength identification, storytelling, and emotional processing to assist her clients in reaching restoration and healing to begin living a more fulfilled life. As a Minister, Chanel also provides faith-based Christian spirituality integration into her therapeutic practices to assist clients who are struggling with or wanting to explore their spirituality. Chanel is a well sought after Mental Health Speaker. She is passionate about spreading mental health awareness, breaking stigma, normalizing therapy, and helping people to embrace their humanity.