A Couple who is Writing Their Own Aging Narrative

Inviting David and Anne to the CarePOD to discuss Aging Well, Their own choices in the caregiving journey and how they plan to be successful in writing their own Aging Chapter. David Stern has a solid background in helping the senior population make
decisions about their over 65-helath care insurance (Medicare and Meidcaid0.
He is a licensed broker in Penn, and stays current with the enormous amount
of complicated information that often overwhelms people. Knowing how to
explain the realistic choices is something David is constantly commented
upon. David’s personal experience with his elderly mother was the force that
propelled him to work with seniors. He saw that the choices she made not only
saved her and the family money but also alleviated the stress of caring for
someone long distance.Anne Weisbord has a solid background in training, coaching and public
speaking.  For over 20 years she has conducted programs on career
management and leadership development. She taught Communication in the
MBA Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and in
the Wharton Executive MBA Program. At the same time as working, for almost
a decade she was heavily involved in the care of her elderly parents. At first,
her parents lived in Florida in independent living, but as the years went by and
they needed more attention, Anne and her husband, David Stern, decided to
move them closer to them and find a facility that would allow them to have a
good quality of life. Once found, Anne made sure she stayed active in the daily
care. Decisions about elderly care are not easy, but taking care of
yourself—whatever that looks like—is the most important decision. You cannot
take care of someone else unless you take care of yourself first.