Caregivers and Licensed Professional Courses

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Whether you are looking after your aging loved one and want to understand and learn how to best navigate around this space, or you are a licensed professional looking to become professionally certified — here at Impactful Caregiving we offer courses for both needs:

Caregiver holding elderly woman

Caregiving courses
for caregivers


The caregiving courses tackle the most common
caregiver tasks in the geriatric space and empowers with tools to best advocate for your loved one.

From handling medical reconciliation to self care to the end chapter these lessons help you, the caregiver, to be objective as you discuss each topic with your loved one and family.

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certified caregiver helping elderly

Geriatric care certification courses for licensed professionals


The Impactful Caregiving professional certification courses are aimed for licensed healthcare professionals looking to better their preparedness and establish credibility and trust with clients through a certification in the geriatric field.

Reinforce your knowledge from understanding arthropathy to geriatric emergencies and more!

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Meet Your Course Instructor Dr. Kiplee Bell

Dr. Kiplee Bell

I am excited to share this platform with you and bring you my decades of experience in the medical space. I have served across multiple specialties and settings from the assisted living environment to the nursing home, the outpatient setting to the emergency department, and the emergency department to the hospital floor.

I have a Bachelors in Science in biology, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master’s degree in Gerontology, Board certification as a Physician Assistant, and Doctorate in Medicine.

What holds the most meaning for me is that I can connect with you directly and speak to your situation as a caregiver myself. I respect the space between a patient and clinician; it is the most sacred and vulnerable interaction for which trust cannot be taken for granted. I look forward to interacting with you on this platform and look forward to more empowered, confident and impactful caregiving!

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